About us

/LimeStreetDigital is a partnership formed of seasoned domain experts, career technologists and practitioners in the London Market with deep experience of market practices, processes and systems.

We are deeply immersed in emerging technology and innovation, particularly that which is already encircling banking and financial services. We have come together, invested our own cash and will focus on stimulating and harnessing technological innovation.

We will propagate the benefits for the global risk-transfer industry, starting at home, here in the London Market.

We deeply value the continuing prominence of the London Market and wish to further enhance the market’s dominion as the centre of excellence in risk transfer and services industries.

We execute and collaborate in a lean, cost effective and sustainable way while embracing fresh talent and validating new business opportunities. To support this, we are building a dedicated venue and introducing a continuous stream of market-validated projects with support from ideation to fully invested projects, products and services.

Our prime objective is: to be the Delivery Partner for digital innovation on behalf of the entire market.